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Manufacturer of the "Screaming Eagle" and "Nesting Eagle" Electro-Mechanical Sirens












Eagle Sirens, Inc. was formed in 2000 to develop and produce an electro-mechanical siren that would be a suitable application for the new generation of police, fire, and EMS apparatus being constructed today.

Its founders have a simple vision formed as a result of many years experience in the fire and EMS fields as operators of, and distributors of, emergency vehicles. We wanted to produce a cost effective, high quality, durable siren that would match the sound levels of any siren in the market, and produce an effective carrier wave for the sound, while reducing noise levels for the operators in the cab of the vehicle. In addition, this new siren had to require less than 50 amps of 12 VDC electrical draw from the vehicle's electrical generating system.

Experience had taught us that the most effective sirens we ever used were those that created sound by spinning a rotor to produce the noise levels and tones desired, rather than just an electrical amplifier. Experience also taught us that the current offering of electro mechanical sirens were either too large, too heavy, too demanding on already overloaded electrical systems in many of our vehicles or they were too flimsy and poorly constructed to work effectively in harsh environments or heavy work load situations.

Research taught us that the need for a more effective siren was increasing as automobile manufacturers became increasingly efficient at reducing the interior noise levels of their vehicles, and thereby reducing the effectiveness of electronic sirens.

The first "Screaming Eagle" siren was over 18 months in development. New concepts in siren design were explored, new rotors, bearings, bushings, were machined, tested, refined, and re-tested. A new, permanent magnet motor was developed specifically for the "Screaming Eagle", to provide the power, RPMs, durability, and low amp draw needed to meet the vision.

Finally the first production models of the new "Screaming Eagle" siren were ready for sale. Dedicated to the memory of our fallen brethren on Sept 11, 2001, the new sirens were installed on emergency equipment starting in 2002. They all continue in service today.

Originally the "Screaming Eagle" siren was available in two models, a pedestal mount and a "through the bumper" mount. Since that time, we have continued to test and develop applications for the "Screaming Eagle" Siren. In 2006, we developed the "Nesting Eagle" for Fire Apparatus that require a siren installed behind a Steel "push style" bumper. Each Eagle siren has been tested by an independent laboratory and obtained the SAE J1849 Certification for Sirens. Each Eagle Siren has been tested in an independent laboratory and meets SAE J1849 Certification Requirements and the NFPA 1901 Standard for electro-mechanical sirens.

Our vision of a better, more effective siren is now a reality. The sirens are being installed on apparatus of varying types across North American and we are starting to be recognized in other parts of the world as well. The durability and dependability of our new designs have been proven in actual use environments. We are proud of the accomplishments we have made and look forward to continuing to serve our industries for many years into the future.

P.O. Box 80705 Lansing, MI 48908-0705   Business Office: 517.627.0702   Fax: 517.627.3702